How to find us. 

Surprisingly, you can find us at home - usually not. We're hoping you'll send a message or call us before you coming here. We can't always answer the phone when we're at work, so the best way to reach us is by text message. We always try to respond as quickly as possible. During the 24 hours, we read e-mail at least a few times, so you can reach it well.

Facebook and Instagram we look few times in week, so that is not for quick way to contact.

When you arrive, do not trust the navigator, but look at the route on the map or ask us for directions. And when planning a trip, you should also look into ferries timetable:

Parainen-Nauvo, Nauvo-Korppoo, Korppoo-Houtskari ferries are with timetable. Be ware that you have to wait ferries some times a long time.

You can come with the buss. The buss comes to all way to Houtskari, and some times to Björkö too (Mossala). If you are planning to come with the buss, please take contakt with a good time before. Detailed bus schedules and routes can be found here: ( Buses 901-904 come to Houtskari.

GPS: P 60° 15,518' ja I 21° 24,014'

Ankokintie 30, 21770 Mossala ( Sheep are not in this address in summertime)


Roy ja Katja


040 7409 052 Katja

040 0526 703 Roy

You can find us from Facebook

and instagram

              Please save our emails to your contact information so that our response does not go to spam.